Personal Pay For Performance

There is a crisis in global health. Money is short. Doctors are leaving Africa. Poor people have no access to surgery. Millions are needlessly suffering. A new paradigm is in order.

Performance-based incentives provided directly to the point of care are the bridge that links resources with need. By connecting funding flows directly to patient outcomes, we create a traceable chain of accountability that gives donors confidence in the impact of their funding.

Direct funding to individuals creates a market for private care that increases utilization, improves access to quality care and stems the brain drain. Because the bulk of funds go to discretionary accounts for management use, this chain also yields resources to build broader health systems. Overall, the model delivers flexible resources and valuable data that our partners will use to improve the quality of care they provide.

Our comprehensive data system creates a “net” that connects local medical practitioners and enables them to address needs in the most sustainable and scalable ways possible. The data validates safety and quality, reveals cost drivers, increases facility utilization, and provides insight into system needs.

Pushing decision-making authority and operational data to the people who drive patient care, both clinically and managerially, drives innovation. By leveraging technology to share and accelerate this innovation across the global network in real-time, we introduce the possibility of collaboration on a scale unlike anything we’ve seen before.

In the effort to end fistula, we will build partnerships to establish a shared measurement system for a shared achievement. We are confident this is the most effective way to provide a path to verifiable eradication. Based on the results of our pilot program, we’ve already launched a collective impact initiative to drive quality and capacity improvements in fistula care.

While the first stage of our plan will use this quality and performance-focused approach to unite the fistula world, we have bigger plans to ensure even more women have access to high quality care. We will apply our methodology to treating other birth-related injuries as well as ensuring timely access to high-quality care during labor to prevent death and disability for mother and child.